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Neuro Alchemy Flow, Awaken Your Brain to Ultimate Peak and High-Performance States with Donna Bach

This is an introductory talk

What is Neuro Alchemy Flow Brainwave Training? Have  you ever been so engaged in an activity that you lost all sense of  time? Hours passed, but you didn't notice; you felt “in the Zone,” calm,  focused, deeply satisfied, even meditative?

The  secret is accessing the “Awakened Mind” state, a unique brainwave  pattern discoveredover 40 years ago, and measured with EEG neurofeedback  technology. This interactive demonstration will show you an efficient way to experience how to enter this state at will. This brainwave state empowers you to be more productive, positive, emotionally balanced, and spiritually aware.  You will be able to better handle the stress and strain of daily life  and enhance your relationships. Because each moment of our consciousness  is determined by a finely woven, intricate interrelationship of  brainwave frequencies, you can actually manage your own states of  consciousness by deliberately altering your brain wave pattern, and  enter into the Neuro Alchemy Flow state on command.

Benefits you may learn in this introductory demonstration and training:

• Concentrate and focus more clearly

• Encourage self-healing and reverse brain aging

• Relax and de-stress for deeper, restorative sleep

• Develop hidden creativity in the “Neuro Alchemy Flow Zone”

• Reach profound meditative states

• Handle challenges and solve problems

• Access and transform deep inner issues

• Improve spiritual connection and deepen relationships

• Enter more easily into deep states of flow


Saturday, April 27, 2019

3 to 5 PM PT


Sunrise Center
645 Tamalpais Drive
Suite A
Corte Madera, CA 94925

$25 by April 1.  $35 thereafter.  $45 at the door