Benefits of Meditation and Flow Training


Self Training


    The Self-Training Program is designed for Mind Mirror owners who  wish to study with an expert in hardware and software usage. This  cognitive study is interspersed with a series of mind-awakening     meditations which provide the brainwave data analyzed by the teacher  and student. 

    The 4.5-day Self-Training Program, focused entirely on the student's  needs, smoothly integrates hands-on experience of the software with a  personal meditation retreat. 

    The self-trainer learns: 

  • the basics of Awakened Mind theory     
  • how to hook up to the various sensors (EEG, GSR and BVP)     
  • how to set up the hardware and computer     
  • software usage and all data analysis tools     
  • how to read, interpret and advance his/her brainwave patterns and states of consciousness.     

    At the end of the program, the self-trainer receives a set of recommendations for further consciousness development. 

    This program, when scheduled for the full 4.5 days, is equivalent to  the first seminar in the Practitioner Training Program. For those with  time constraints, fewer than 4.5 days can be scheduled. 


Corporate Training

  In a 10-year study conducted by  McKinsey,( top executives reported being five times more productive in  flow. According to these same McKinsey researchers, if we could increase  the time we spend in flow by 15-20%, overall workplace productivity  would almost double.  The Awakened Mind state creates the ground necessary for this to occur naturally.

The Awakened Mind state, technically defined as an "optimal state of consciousness where we feel  our best and perform our best," the term takes its name from the  sensation it confers. In flow, every action, every decision, arises  seamlessly from the last. In this state, we are so focused on the task  at hand that all else falls away.

DARPA, for example, found that military  snipers trained in a state of flow learned 230 percent faster than  normal. Scientists at Advanced Brain Monitoring in Carlsbad, California,  ran a parallel civilian study and found that flow cut in half the  amount of time it took to train novice marksmen up to the expert level.

Flow's  impact on creativity may be its most important role in today's  accelerated climate. While everyone else is driven to distraction,  people in flow are adapting-- they're using the state to take  performance to the next level."

Flow states have triggers--  pre-conditions that lead to more flow. Since flow is a state of total  absorption, all are ways of heightening and tightening attention,  driving focus into the present moment.

These facts also tell us  that those Silicon Valley companies with "fail forward" as their  de-facto motto have an incredible advantage. If employees don't have the  space to fail, then they don't have the ability to take risks. And if  you're not incentivizing risk, you're denying access to flow.

Second,  flow science is already being applied in business. Some companies  (Facebook, Google) are focused on individual triggers, while others  (Toyota, Patagonia) have already made flow a fundamental part of their  core philosophy. Thus, it's not just that tapping into flow can help an  organization keep pace with an exponential world, it's that there's a  good chance that your competition is already applying these principles  and soon-- because of the state's significant amplification of  performance and productivity-- there may be no other way to keep up. 

We train individually or in groups. Contact us for options and pricing.


Group Training

 Group brainwave trainings offer inner expansion in the synergistic  company of like-minded people. Enjoy relaxation, self-discovery, healing  and transformation meditations while making tremendous strides in  awareness in only a day, weekend, or week.

Participating in a  group training with other people is the quickest and most affordable way  for new and seasoned explorers to deepen in awareness, flow, unlock  potential, and discover new ways of being in the world.

All-day,  weekend, and five-day meditation retreats open with an illustration and  discussion of the Cade-Wise brainwave map of consciousness and how to  access deep-state  of flow in order to awaken and evolve the mind.

Using  this introduction as a touchstone, participants sit back, and enjoy a  series of guided exercises designed to familiarize them  with the feeling of the five primary brainwave categories: gamma, beta,  alpha, theta, and delta. Each meditation leads to personal discovery and  systematically orchestrates the awakened mind. (Some retreats focus on  the evolved mind pattern and production of gamma frequencies.).

At  the end of the retreat, the practitioner privately reviews with each  participant his/her brainwave pattern drawings and computer recordings,  in order to further match objective measurements to subjective  experience.

Closing recommendations for further development provide ideas the participant can use for further growth alone.

Group  brainwave trainings are modeled on the popular seminars led for thirty  years by the late Anna Wise at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California,  one of the oldest and most respected human potential centers in the  world. In these trainings, people make remarkable advances that produce  life-changing insights and positive, lasting results.

Recounting   experiences with the whole group provides everyone with  important insights. Participants make new friends and leave with a deep  understanding of how to master their minds in order to master their  lives. 

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Personal Training

Our awakened mind practitioners will help you discover this inner resource in deep-state flow tailored to your particular needs.

Private sessions consist of either a Brainwave Profile, a diagnostic tool in which you perform different tasks eyes open and closed, or a guided exercises geared to self-discovery, healing or transformation. In addition, practiced meditators may wish to receive direct-feedback training for awakened mind peak performance.

Lasting one or two hours, individual sessions include an explanation of brainwave patterns, the Mind Mirror hook-up, and the Brainwave Profile or a guided meditation. Post-session discussion includes shared review of sketched drawings and computer-recorded brainwave patterns, followed by recommendations for further development.

Some people book double sessions or private retreats to save travel time and reduce costs.

While monitoring your brainwave patterns in real time, the practitioner can help you:

Deepen into a profound flow state

Sharpen your thinking and become more lucid, intelligent and aware

Increase feelings of inner peace, unity and well-being

Retrieve insights into personal or work challenges

Unblock and clear repressed issues to release suppressed creativity

More fully awaken and expand your consciousness

Self-actualize in life work that meets your needs and goals

Connect with your spirit for universal peace and guidance.

How long it takes to fully awaken the mind depends on where people are to begin with and their level of commitment to meditation and the path of self-mastery and conscious evolution.

During your session, you will learn meditation techniques and create internal landmarks that will help you awaken on your own.You will want to!

... Because awakening is an adventure in consciousness that will improve every aspect of your life.

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